Q: If my child is turning 12 in September, can they attend Young Teen Camp?

A: Yes, we calculate your child's age by December 31 of the camping year. The same question goes for any other camp; if your child is turning the appropriate age by the end of the year, we will welcome them that week. 


Q: When is closing program? 

A: Closing program (for all camps except Youth Camp) is at 5:45 on the last day of that camp. We encourage you to come and listen to a short (20 minute) summary of what your children have done during their week at camp. Your kids will have supper before closing program. T-shirts and other West Bank merchandise will be available for purchase before and after the closing program. 


Q: How do I apply for camp? 

A: There are application forms in both of the Swift Current malls, and in many Swift Current churches. Alternatively, we have applications forms on our website which can be printed and filled out. Please mail these applications to: West Bank Bible Camp; Box 1841; Swift Current, SK; S9H 4M6. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail about your camper within two weeks of mailing the application in, please call or e-mail us to check on the stage of the application.


Q: Is there a registration deposit? 

A: Yes, please send in a deposit with your camper's registration. This deposit is a minimum of $50, and can be paid through e-transfer, cheque, cash or money order.


Q: What time is registration? 

A: For most of our camps, registration time is between 4 and 5 PM on the first day of camp. We do not accept early registrations. For Junior Squirt and 55+ Camp, registration begins at 10 AM.


Q: How do I send an e-transfer? 
A: If you are wanting to send us an e-transfer, we ask that you send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our email address. The security question can be anything, so long as you inform us, either through a phone call, or an email, what the exact answer is. Thank you!

Tax Reciepts, Family Discount, and Registration Deposit

Tax Reciepts

All the week long camps qualify for the Saskatchewan Active Family Benefit Program. Receipts will be issued for this purpose, and will be given on registration day.


Family Discount

Any family sending three or more children will receive a $40 discount on each child's registration if they are mailed together (excluding squirt and family camps)
Example: 1 junior camper, 1 young teen camper, 1 youth camper 


Registration Deposit

There is a mandatory registration deposit of $50 with registration. This can be sent in through e-transfer, cheque, cash, or money order to the camp address.


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