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Covid-19 Updates (New Activity for September)

Family Fun Time

Come bring out your family for a fun 2 hour experience here at the camp. Register for one of the 2 hour time slots the first weekends of September
Sept 5,6,12,13,19,20
We are only allowing to families per time slot.
Choose 2 of our planned activities for your family to take part in.

Price: FREE!

Register Here: Click Here

Frisbee Golf: Just like Regular Golf, but with frisbees. Enjoy our 18 hole course around the camp along with a map of the course.  (Recommended for Ages 8+)

Mystery Detective: As a family, you must work together to find all the clues around the camp and solve the case.   (All Ages, but better for kids 10+)

Creeks, Crickets & Crayfish: Hang out, get your feet wet and enjoy some time cooling off in the creek. Use the provided nets to see what you can catch.  (All Ages)

Hike to the Rosetta's: Enjoy a relaxing 15-minute walk on a path through the valley to the rosetta hill.   (All Ages)

Family Fun Time (click in space below to see video, it may take a few seconds to load before it starts)


Online Videos and Day Camp Info (June 10)

We are excited to announce two options for the remaining of the summer. The first option is online videos. Every Tuesday we are releasing 2 videos on our Youtube and Facebook for kids and youth to watch and comment on. These videos are being sponsored by United Way Regina. The second option is we are very excited to announce we are starting Day Camps. There is more info below. To register CLICK HERE. After registering you will get an email that will tell you what to bring, drop off and pick up times, and will have a copy of the form for you.

WBTV Trailer (click in box below to see video) Day Camp Trailer (click in box below to see video)
Every Tuesday Starts July 27

Day Camp Info

(Drop off - 7:45-8:15, Pick Up - 5:30-6:00)
Camp Date Price Age (By Dec 31) Extra Info Register
Jr. Camp July 27 $40 Age 8-11 Register
Anyone July 29 $40 Age 6-18 Send all the kids Register
Young Teen July 31 $40 Age 11-14 Register
Squirt Aug 3 $40 Age 7-9 Register
Jr. Camp Aug 5 $40 Age 8-11 Register
Paintball Aug 7 $40 Age 13-18 3 hours of paintball Register
Youth Aug 10 $40 Age 15-18 Register
Young Teen Aug 12 $40 Age 11-14 Register
Marksman Camp Aug 14 $40 Age 8-13 Came and see how well you can shoot Register
Jr. Camp Aug 17 $40 Age 8-11 Register
Anyone Aug 19 $40 Age 6-18 Send all the kids Register
Young Teen Aug 21 $40 Age 11-14 Register

Our Safety Protocols for Day Camp

1. During drop off we are going to greet you in your car wearing a mask and only the camper will exit the car.
2. We are going to take the temperature each camper as they arrive.
3. Every camper is going to be given a designated space (Hula Hoop) for their stuff and for eating times.
4. For activity times, every skill is going to be sanitized at the beginning and the end of the skill. When it is possible we will have enough equipment so that every camper has their own for the duration of the skill. (example: Archery Bows) If this is not possible we will be sanitizing during the skill in-between campers.
5. Every camper must sanitize their hands before they touch anything at the skill
6. For equipment that we will not be use everyday it is going to sit for at least 3 days before we use it again.
7. Every camper will need to bring their own lunch for the day.
8 We will be cleaning and sanitizing washrooms and high touch surfaces routinely throughout each day
9 All the staff are being asked to be tested before they show up.
10. We are asking that kids respect social distancing knowing it will turn into low touch.
11. If we have to touch anything that the campers will be touching our staff will have sanitized their hands and will wear gloves and a mask while they are touching it.
12 During pick up we ask that the parent stays in the vehicle while we go and get their child.
13. There are going to be groups of 8-9 kids with 2 or 3 staff leaders per group. There may be up to 3 groups on site but the groups will never meet or interact in the same space at the same time.
14. After each day camp everything will be cleaned and sanitized before the next day camp.
15. Our games and activities are being designed maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Our ministry will look different this summer. But we serve a God who provides, and we are hoping that you will continue to partner with us through this transition.

We are trusting God to provide the $3,500 a month for the next several months to carry the camp through this unusual season. Any funds that come in above and beyond this amount would go towards retaining staff. Please prayerfully consider giving an extra donation to help us.

This eternal investment will bear fruit for generations to come. Thank you for your prayers and support over the years. Your faithfulness has made the camp what it is today.

If you like to donate you can mail cheques to Box 1841, Swift Current SK, S9H 4M6. You send E-transfer to wbbcamp@gmail.com. If you would like to use your credit card please visit https://westbankbiblecamp.churchcenter.com/giving.

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